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Being the center of Turkey’s history, culture, and economy, Istanbul is a place with endless interesting stories to tell. Lying perfectly in the middle of Europe and Asia, it is a melting pot of cultural diversity and historical wonder. Strategically positioned near the historic Silk Road, and bordering Europe and Middle East Asia, Istanbul, Turkey is home of a rich culture bounded by its history. It is hailed as a European Capital of Culture, which makes it fifth most popular tourist destination in the world. With Istanbul’s historic center, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as a main attraction, it is a destination for the art and culture-inclined artists and travellers around the world. It has an ever-growing economy, and is included as one of the fastest-growing metropolitan economies of the world, and accounts for more than a quarter of the Turkey’s gross domestic product. Istanbul’s historic and cultural value makes it a very prestigious destination.

The center of where the East means West, the seat of a rich historical and cultural heritage, Istanbul is really a must-visit. It is a wonder to see history right before your eyes, written in the streets, the churches, palaces, together with all the mosaics, frescoes, the renowned Byzantine and Ottoman architectures, all reflecting the dynasties and empires that once ruled the city. No wonder Istanbul’s economy continue to thrive, its real estate market continues to grow, with the commercial real estate with emphasis on office markets are all up. Travelling or living in Istanbul will make you feel like part of history, having a share of a priceless heritage built by centuries.