22 Real Estate How-To’s That’ll Get You Through 2022

If you’re new to the business and looking to catch up or just curious what other agents are reading, we’ve got you covered. How do we know? Because tens of thousands of industry professionals are reading about them. Here are the most-read how-to’s on Inman from 2021. 

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After the past few years of pandemic and the great reshuffling, there are massive numbers of new agents flowing into the industry, and as you know, there’s a major housing shortage. Needless to say, competition is fierce out there.

If you’re a new agent and looking to catch up on the top tried-and-true strategies (or you’re just curious what other agents are reading), we’ve got you covered with the latest techniques and best practices in a post-2020 world. How do we know? Because they’re from top agents in the field and tens of thousands of industry professionals read about them. Below are the most-read how-to’s on Inman from 2021. 


In February at Inman Connect, how to cope with low-inventory markets was a hot topic. Here are 12 additional ways to proactively persuade potential sellers to put their properties on the market now.

From keeping a vigilant eye on your market to knowing when to opt out of a war altogether, here are the essential tips you need to conquer the bidding war.

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When one of your deals flops, look for what went wrong and what you can do to prevent it — and avoid making that same mistake in the future. Here are a few common deal-killing behaviors to watch out for.

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If your homeowners can’t afford (or won’t spend extra money on) staging, it pays to have some inventory to help you improve the look of your new listing.


If you’d prefer to attract business instead of chasing it, add one of these 12 videos every agent should be making to your list of daily activities, and watch your business explode this year.

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In an effort to protect buyers, Realtor associations across the country are rolling out increasingly strict disclosure guidelines. Smart listing agents will pay attention and help sellers disclose everything.


In today’s market, the stakes are high, decisions are swift, and there is immense pressure on everyone in the transaction — which is why sellers need professional advisers by their side.

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Statistics show that this old-school marketing strategy is coming back in a big way. Find out why — and how to implement it — from some of the industry’s biggest names.

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Social media platforms are oversaturated with all sorts of posts, so creating content that’s fresh, creative and engaging can help cut through the noise, grow your following and nurture trust with your clients. Here are a few ideas.


Despite the fact that commission rates are how you make a living, there are certain clients who will ask for a discount, while other clients might warrant a reduced rate. Here, we break down the pros and cons of offering a reduced rate and how to go about it.

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As a real estate agent, you’ve likely had clients question your value, with many thinking they can handle the complexities of buying and selling on their own. Here are a few ways to illustrate just how much you bring to the table.

It’s easy for seasoned agents to spot the falsehoods of a competing listing agent, but it’s tricky to explain to potential seller clients. Here are the top five lies listing agents tell and a few strategies for effectively responding to their mistruths.


Frenetic markets often lead to frenetic decisions. In today’s frenzied markets, agents have to be on top of every aspect of the transaction. Here’s what real estate buyers and sellers should expect from their agents.

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Some of the tried-and-true questions sellers have been asking for years are actually totally meaningless. Here are the top bogus questions sellers ask along with ways to effectively counter them.

Sales commissions are still the norm in real estate, but the industry is also in the midst of a rapid evolution when it comes to agent pay.

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Paid or organic? Email marketing or direct mail? The Inman Handbook on lead generation is here to help you understand the nuance in lead types, qualification and marketing tactics.

Top real estate agents Amie Quirarte and Craig Wilburn share how agents can conquer their negotiating fears and become better advocates for their clients — straight from February’s Connect Now.

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Every year, team leader and Inman contributor Brandon Doyle delves through newly published real estate and sales books so that you don’t have to. Here were his top picks for 2020.


Basing your price on comparable sales is usually a solid strategy. But what happens when you try to sell your own house in a red-hot seller’s market with a broad range of comps? Here’s one real estate pro’s experience.

The brokerage an agent or team chooses can make a significant mark on their ongoing success. But with new models and advanced tech, the choice is harder than ever.


Your ho-hum property descriptions may be undermining your MLS marketing. Avoid these five common mistakes to make your next description pop.


Plucked from a handful of superior, attention-grabbing agent “about us” pages, these tips and strategies will help you whip up a brilliant bio that gets read and noticed.

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