22 Ways To Generate More Real Estate Buyer Leads In 2022

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The ability to generate real estate leads is fundamental to success in real estate. Although the market may seem saturated with buyers right now, consistently generating leads keeps your pipeline of future business full.

Use these 22 methods to generate real estate buyer leads in our current market environment.

1. Use Opcity

Opcity is a buyer lead generation site owned by realtor.com that refers leads and then collects a referral fee at the time of closing.

The leads are nurtured to a certain point by Opcity. Then, when buyers are ready to see property, their names are released to a group of agents in the Opcity program. The first person to respond out of the group of agents receives the lead.

There is no upfront fee for Opcity leads, but you pay a referral fee at the time of closing. The participation has to come from the broker level to sign up, and then the broker can invite agents to participate in their program. This is a great way to generate leads with no upfront expenses.

2. Share a ‘Can you help me out?’ social media post

Posting about a specific buyer’s need on social media is a great way to generate more real estate buyer leads. Posts like:

A little help would be greatly appreciated! I’m working with a client that is looking for a home in xyz neighborhood with at least three bedrooms. Please let me know if you know of anyone considering selling a home like this. I’d love to help this great family find their perfect home.

Yes, these posts can help you find potential listings, but we’ve found these posts also give buyers confidence in you as someone who works hard for buyers.

In today’s market environment, buyers are looking for agents that are doing different things to help them find their ideal home. This strategy is a great way to attract those buyers.

3. Join a leads group

A group working together is always better than an individual. Leads groups like BNI or those that are coordinated by local chambers of commerce are a great way to find a group of local business service providers that are looking to grow their businesses as well.

These groups usually meet on a weekly or monthly basis and the price of admission is at least one referral for someone in the group at that meeting. Finding other service providers like lenders, home inspectors, surveyors, home warranty company providers and insurance agents is a great way to find a group of people that can all grow together.

4. Target renters

In most parts of the country, monthly rent payments are more expensive than mortgage payments, and owning a home is a big part of the “American Dream.” Targeting renters and offering solutions on how they can own is a great place to add value and generate buyer leads.

Contacting renters when they have three to six months left on their lease is a great way to assist soon-to-be homeowners. Most residential leases are for one year, so searching for homes and apartments that show in MLs as rented six to nine months ago will give you an ample list of prospective renters and rental properties to contact.

5. Host housewarming parties for your buyers

Hosting a housewarming party for your buyers after closing is a great way to surround yourself with high-quality, potential future clients. Offer to host the party at your client’s new home.

Let them know you will take care of food and drinks, sending invitations and collecting the RSVPs. All they have to do is to provide you with a list of 20 to 30 of their friends and family members they would like to invite, and you will take care of the rest of the details.

These parties provide a great way for you to meet the people in their sphere of influence and provide your buyer with a party they will not forget.

6. Use Redfin

Redfin is another referral-based real estate lead generation site that does not have an upfront cost, but you pay a referral at the time of closing. Redfin does have certain criteria for agents to be a part of their referral network, but we’ve had success with their referrals in multiple markets where I work with agents.

This is another great place to receive buyer leads with no upfront costs.

7. Referrals from feeder markets

Your area has a predominant place buyers are coming from when they buy in your city. What are those one or two cities for your area? Once you’ve identified those areas, build relationships with agents in those markets.

Send them cards saying I love referrals from (their city). Offer increased referrals, like 30 percent versus the standard 25. Visit offices in those cities. Building these relationships and referral networks is a great way to generate motivated buyers who are moving to your area.

8. Knock on doors for real estate leads

The old-school art of door-knocking still works. This is a great way to get in front of homeowners and identify potential friends or family members looking to move into a neighborhood.

Most people think of door-knocking as a way to find listings — and it can be. But utilizing a new listing or an open house in a neighborhood as a way to find buyers is a great strategy as well. Here is the example of a door-knocking script if you have a new listing coming up in a neighborhood.

Hi, I’m Sally Agent with XYZ Company, and we are putting 123 Oak St. on the market in your neighborhood tomorrow. We are letting everyone in the neighborhood know in case you have a friend or family member that has been looking to move into your great neighborhood. Is there anyone you know that I should let know about this house coming on the market?

9. Record YouTube real estate videos about buying in your area

YouTube is the second most used search site in the world behind Google. Shooting videos about your local market is a great way to find organic leads through the power of organic search. Here are a few video titles that work great:

  • 5 things to know before buying a home in (your city).
  • The top 5 neighborhoods in (your city).
  • 7 things you should know before moving to (Your City).

Content directly related to buyers that are moving to your city will magnetically draw your ideal clients.

10. Post listings in Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook groups in your area

Facebook is a great place to generate buyer leads by posting properties in Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook groups. Local Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook can have thousands of local people as members.

Post a specific listing with a few photos and details, and share a call to action to “contact me for additional information.”

11. Use Zillow leads for real estate agents

Whether you are a fan of Zillow or not, it generates leads that convert. If you are looking to buy leads, Zillow is definitely an option to consider.

12. Host open houses

Open houses are still the best way to get face to face with potential buyers. If you don’t have listings, ask other agents who have listings if you can host an open house for one of their listings.

If you are looking for the fastest way to generate buyer leads, open houses would be at or near the top of the list.

13. Set up your real estate agent Google My Business page

Make sure you have your Google My Business page set up and optimized. This is the single best way to generate organic, online traffic, and Google provides it for free. If you aren’t sure where to start, simply Google: “How to set up my Google My Business Page.”

14. Add value in local Facebook groups

Facebook groups focused on happenings in your area are a great way to identify people who may be considering a move to your area. Be the resource for all the questions you can answer.

Utilize private messaging as a way to connect with the people who have questions, and follow up with anyone that asks questions that would lead you to believe they are getting ready to move to your area.

Questions about schools, best neighborhoods and local health care facilities are cues that someone in the group is considering a move.

15. Use Instagram Reels and TikTok to generate local videos

Short form video is the most powerful way to generate organic social media traffic right now. Whether you post these videos as Instagram Reels, TikTok videos or YouTube Shorts, these videos are on fire right now. A few video ideas are:

  • 3 things to do before buying in (your city)
  • How to find your perfect home in (your city)
  • 5 reasons people love living in (neighborhood)

By producing local, short-form videos, you will draw the attention of your ideal client.

16. Buy Facebook real estate lead generation ads

Facebook still provides a low-cost way to generate buyer leads online. There are two options for running Facebook ads that generate buyer leads.

You can learn how to run these ads by buying programs that teach you or by watching YouTube videos that show you how. The second option is to hire someone that specializes in running these ads for agents.

No matter which option you choose, buyer leads are readily available through Facebook.

17. Call for-rent-by-owners (FRBO) and Airbnb owners

For-rent-by-owners and Airbnb owners are a great way to identify investors who might consider buying additional properties. Investors are rarely settled with their homes, so they are typically in the process of looking for additional investments or repositioning/selling their current holdings.

Investors invest. They have their phone numbers on most of their ads, so simply call them, and ask if they are looking for additional properties to buy. If they say “yes,” then ask them if they have specific criteria they are looking for and whether it would be OK to reach back out to them with the details if you find a relevant property.

Ask if they have an agent they are working with, and if not, you just found a potential client who might buy and sell multiple properties with you in the future.

18. Host first-time homebuyer seminars

First-time homebuyer seminars are a great way to provide information and service to a group of future homeowners that could really use your help. Partnering with a lender and credit repair company is a great way to increase the value of the seminar and to offset the costs of the room rental and any food or drinks you might provide.

These seminars are a great way to serve your community and to generate buyer leads.

19. Buy realtor.com real estate leads

Realtor.com is a great place to buy quality leads if you are looking to get lead flow happening quickly. Although there is an upfront expense, if these leads are followed up and serviced properly, your investment should have a solid return.

20. Post ‘Coming Soon’ real estate listings post on social media

Make sure you follow all your local MLS rules about coming soon listings, but these posts are a great way to find buyers. A post with a photo of the home and description like this will create opportunities to generate buyers:

This great home is coming on the market tomorrow morning. If you know of someone looking for a three-bedroom home in ABC neighborhood, tag them in the comments or please ask them to give me a call at (your phone number).

If someone is tagged in the post, private message them asking if they would like additional details.

21. Run Google Ads for real estate lead generation

Google Ads are very targeted and can generate several real estate buyer leads in a relatively short period of time. Just like Facebook ads, you can either learn how to run these ads yourself or hire someone to run them for you.

22. Share Friday Favorite real estate social media posts

Consistently posting details on a favorite property is a great way to identify future buyers. Friday Favorites posted each Friday are a great way to consistently showcase properties that might pique the interest of potential buyers requesting additional information. Consistency is key and this has been a great way to generate buyer leads for us for several years.

Buyers need professional agents to walk them through the ever-changing buying process. If you implement the strategies above, you should not lack opportunities to connect with and convert buyer leads.

Jimmy Burgess is the Chief Growth Officer for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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