3 Steps For Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs As A Real Estate Agent

As we enter 2022, ask yourself if your beliefs limit your ability to progress your career and reach your goals. If your answer is “yes,” then here are a few things you can do to ensure you aren’t holding yourself back from your best year yet.

Limiting beliefs are unconscious thoughts that serve as defense mechanisms to evade potential defeat and disappointment. Limiting beliefs can often keep you in your comfort zone.

As a real estate professional, these thoughts can limit development. Frequently, they come across as absolutes and hinder our ability to grow in this competitive industry.

By changing your thinking and replacing these thoughts with more positive messages, you can overcome limiting beliefs and change the outcome of your personal and professional journey. As we enter a new year, here are a few ways to remove limiting beliefs, stay motivated and achieve all your goals.

1. Identify your limiting belief

One of the first steps is pinpointing one of your existing limiting beliefs. Start with the largest one or something that immediately comes to mind. Think about the justifications you might use for not achieving this pursuit.

Whether it be fear, past experiences, society or social circles, recognize that this limitation is just a belief and not based on fact. What is the root of this feeling? Ask yourself, what facts support this belief, how long have you felt this way, how would you think about this if you were someone else?

This out-of-the-box thinking can lead you to adjust your thoughts to more actionable and positive results. You can repeat this exercise as you work through any other unconscious limiting beliefs holding you back from your best self.

2. Embrace a new viewpoint

Now that you may have identified what thoughts are holding you back, try to select something new to believe in. For example, perhaps you haven’t adapted to some of the latest technology platforms or have hesitated to use them in your business.

Now that you have identified what’s holding you back, it is time to empower yourself and embrace a new viewpoint. Sometimes it can be as simple as being positive and keeping an open mind.

For a personal example, when I came to America, I had about $120 in my pocket and faced a language barrier since I was still learning English. Rather than allow fear and doubt take over, I learned to empower myself and worked hard to stay positive and keep an open mind.

Looking back, I didn’t let my own mind get in the way of my success. If you want to go ahead and change, you will need to have the strength and courage to make that change in thinking.

3. Take action

Make an effort to implement these new beliefs and positive outlooks. As I described earlier, I personally took action on any limiting beliefs from the language barrier I experienced when I came to America by taking classes at night.

I knew that making an effort to learn would help me get over this hurdle. I also worked at a restaurant to practice English conversation, and eventually, I became more and more fluent. If you are an agent who is scared of adopting new practices into your business, take small steps to make a change.

For example, if you think, “It is too late to implement social media into your business,” instead, start adopting a belief that “it is never too late to learn.” Sometimes, it can be as simple as finding resources or asking questions.

Education and understanding from those in your network, such as a peer, mentor or a leader in your organization, can serve as a support system when needed. Taking action will lead you to physically break your limiting beliefs and reach new heights in your business.

When you realize you can change your energy through beliefs, you will discover that you can remove tainted thoughts that may have prevented you from reaching your goals and advancing.

Creating the reality you want for yourself in your mind helps you visualize the outcomes in the year ahead. Visualization is a great way to map out the results you want to achieve mentally.

As we enter 2022, ask yourself if your beliefs limit your ability to progress your career and reach your goals. Practice this methodology to ensure you aren’t holding yourself back from your best year yet.

Santiago Arana is a managing partner at The Agency, in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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