3 tips on how to find the right brokerage partner to house your growing team 

According to Mauricio Umansky, choosing the right brokerage partner to help your team as it grows is a critical point in any business and is instrumental in helping you to scale.

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Starting a business is one thing but finding a partner to help manage your team as it grows is a significant task. Given this professional’s role as an extension to the brand you’ve built, it’s vital that you find the perfect fit not only for you but for your thriving business.

Whether you’re partnering with another agent, joining a new brokerage to help grow out your team, or finding a partner to house your growing firm, there are several key principles to consider when partnering with someone new in your business. Here are my top three tips to help you find the right partner to help take your team to the next level.

Make sure your business plan and vision are both solid

If you’re unsure of where your business stands at present without a partner, this does not bode well for bringing someone else on to help your continued expansion. Whether you are starting a team or expanding your brokerage into new markets, the person you choose to bring in should clearly understand your vision and where you want to take your business so they can help get you there. 

When we started The Agency a decade ago, our aim was and still is to create a company founded on principles of collaboration. As we’ve grown, we’ve maintained our vision and evolved our business plan as necessary.

While we are on a path for global expansion, we’ve aimed to maintain our boutique approach to business. Every individual who has joined our team must be a replication of our core values and understand the way we do business. 

If you don’t have a clear and decisive vision in place, consider refraining from bringing someone in until your vision for 2022 is more fully fleshed out. Finding the right partner is often all about timing, so don’t be discouraged if you’re in this position at the moment. 

Know what you’re looking for in a partner

This might seem obvious, but you should clearly understand the type of experience your ideal partner should bring to your team. Remember, this partner is an extension of your business and, therefore, yourself.

Write down what each member of your team is currently doing in the day-to-day and see what can be strengthened so you can ultimately manage your team better. Professionals should also know their strengths and think critically about how a new team member would enhance any areas of the business that can be built on. 

For example, as our industry becomes increasingly digital, we’ve sought out professionals who can help create cutting-edge digital strategies for new listings we launch. It is essential to audit your business and grow out the team where it matters most. 

The Agency is one of the fastest-growing boutique real estate brokerages in the world. In 2021, the firm’s global expansion reached new heights with a record-breaking launch of 11 new franchises in one year.

To ensure we could support this expansion, we sought out professionals who specialize in all areas of our business. We appointed a number of leading executives to its growing franchise division.

Most recently, we just welcomed John Thorpe as Vice President of Franchise Sales and Operations – Europe. John has an extensive background in the international market. His industry experience, knowledge, and contacts will catapult the firm’s global growth and servicing platform abroad.

Vet your candidates to find the right fit

Be sure to research your candidate prior to interviewing them. Social media and networking platforms are usually a good first indication of whether the person is a fit or not.

From there, review their previous success stories, experience in the industry, and the areas of the business that interest them most. 

At The Agency, our culture comes first. Make sure the individual is a fit for your existing team and will be a positive ambassador of your brand. Ask candidates for references who you should speak with to learn more about their previous experiences working with them.

This research before scheduling an in-person or virtual interview will help to ensure the person is truly a viable candidate and would be a valued member of your growing team.

To conclude, finding the right partner to help your team as it grows is a critical point in any business. The right professional will be instrumental in helping to scale your business and housing your growing team.

It’s important to ensure the candidate encapsulates all your organization’s needs so you can feel confident they’ll be able to be there to support your growing business.

Mauricio Umansky is the founder and CEO of The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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