5 best marketing books for real estate agents in 2022

Studying tangible sales tactics and techniques from experienced professionals gives a unique perspective on the art of real estate. Rainy Hake Austin offers five must-reads to put on your list.

Whether you’re an aspiring agent or a master salesperson looking to transform your business, there is always something new to learn in real estate. Sales and marketing books are great resources that provide firsthand lessons from business professionals on how to evolve and sharpen your skills.

These tips and tricks apply to any business field but are largely helpful for an ever-changing, fast-paced industry like real estate that requires top-notch sales and marketing tactics. 

Even seasoned real estate agents revisit the teachings in books to reacquaint themselves with business fundamentals and key principles. No matter what stage you’re at in your real estate career, here are five tried and true reads that provide a well-rounded understanding of the basic skills to thrive in this highly competitive industry: 

For someone looking to get into the real estate industry, it can often be overwhelming as there is so much to learn. Chet Holmes coaches his clients to surpass the competition and their own expectations by following one simple concept: focus.

Rather than attempting to master thousands of strategies and getting burnt out, he believes the best approach is to spend one hour each week on specific impact areas you want to improve like sales, marketing, management and more. By honing in on the essential skill areas separately, he believes all salespeople will become a master at their trade.

Marin County’s single top-producing agent every year since 2005, Tracy McLaughlin has sold more than $1.5 billion of residential real estate and is a trusted resource among her colleagues at The Agency and across the globe. Her national bestseller offers homeowners a thorough roadmap to navigate the sales process with a critical checklist on buying and selling.

Offering her insider view of sales, Tracy provides the ultimate guide for how to maximize the value of your home and find the right real estate agent.

Joe Pulizzi is one of the most respected content marketing strategists known for developing a non-traditional six-step model for entrepreneurial success. His model, which led to his personal achievements and numerous other multi-million dollar businesses, involves first generating valuable content, then building an audience around that content and lastly, creating a product for that audience once you have established a loyal fan base.

Pulizzi believes that once you build a loyal audience, you’ll be able to sell pretty much anything you want. 

Known as America’s #1 professional in the art of persuasion, Zig Ziglar is an internationally renowned speaker whose ‘I CAN’ course is taught in more than 3,000 schools. His inspirational book focuses on the most significant part of the home sale – getting a client to say “Yes!”

One of his favorite methods for success includes painting word pictures and using imagination to triumph. He also includes lessons from the most successful salespeople in America and over 100 closings that resulted from various strategies of persuasion.

Bob Burg is a longtime authority on connecting with clients and establishing win-win relationships. His book is a guide on how to captivate only those who are interested in what you sell. His renowned guide on turning casual contacts into solid sales opportunities teaches how to maximize your network and overcome your prospecting fears.

This foolproof no-nonsense approach to building your business through relationships will guarantee more sales in a quicker turnaround.

To conclude, studying tangible sales tactics and techniques from experienced professionals can give a unique perspective on how to master the art of real estate. As a real estate executive, a business owner or an entrepreneur, you should be continuously honing your craft. Just like real estate, books will always serve as an excellent investment to transform your goals into a sustainable business.

Rainy Hake Austin is the president of The Agency in Los Angeles, California. Connect with her on Instagram

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