Are you prepared to service the Hispanic homebuyer? We can help.

Are you prepared to service the Hispanic homebuyer? We can help.

¿Está preparado para servir al comprador de vivienda hispano? Podemos ayudar.

Agents who work with the Hispanic demographic and who understand its enormous potential are well-positioned for success as the Hispanic market grows. In fact, the Urban Institute predicts that between 2020 to 2040, 70 percent of new homeowners will be Hispanic. This is an estimated 4.8 million new homeowners! Moreover, despite the pandemic challenges and inventory shortages, the Hispanic demographic was the only group to increase their homeownership rate over the past six years (2014 to 2020).

Communication is the key to building relationships in the real estate industry. As an agent, you are constantly challenged to communicate with clients in less time over various mediums. Serving a diverse population of buyers and sellers requires more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to successful communication.

For agents serving the Hispanic market, language and cultural differences add another layer of complexity to conducting business.

If you are serving the Hispanic market, you need to communicate with your clients effectively. Learn more about tapping into the potential of the Hispanic market from Flavio Jimenez, Vice-President of the Hispanic Division at Fathom Realty.

This informative podcast provides best practices for connecting authentically with the Hispanic community:

Communicating with buyers:

  • Focus on client service. Treat your clients how you want to be treated.
  • Sell the intangible. Don’t solely focus on the house; focus on what it represents.
  • Focus on educating your clients. When you educate them, they will put their trust in you.

Communicating with sellers:

  • Ask the sellers questions and listen to their answers. Then, use their responses to create a personal relationship.
  • Lead with value. Educate and empower your sellers. Position yourself through value to be their go-to expert in the market.
  • Understand and sell the tangible (the property) and the intangible (how to put their money to work in the future).

Communicating with investors

  • Understand how the intangible will help them. Educate them on this. Sell this.
  • Approach the relationship with a win-win mindset. Help them win as clients, and you will succeed as an agent.
  • Educate them on building their legacy and how you can help them do that.

Fathom’s Hispanic Division is committed to servicing the needs of the Hispanic market. Its members are ambassadors for home ownership and fair treatment for Hispanic homebuyers and sellers. Fathom supports our Hispanic Division agents through training, education, referral opportunities, and marketing tools all exclusively in Spanish. Learn more about joining Fathom’s Hispanic Division.

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