At A Glance: 30 Etiquette Rules For Business Self-Confidence

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When you’re entering a new office, industry or business, you want to do your best from the get-go.

With so many platforms and processes to learn as you launch your business, you’ll need to learn the unwritten rules fast — both old and new. Here’s an at a glance list to help everyone be better behaved in the office, online and during the transaction process.

Keep this list handy, and share it with others in your office or with your favorite new agent.

  • Don’t assume that you make the rules about what constitutes polite and professional dress or behavior
  • Treat other members of your team or brokerage with respect
  • Be mindful of support staff and treat them with respect, as well
  • Be a team player
  • Read the room and let others get their work done
  • Clean up after yourself and be a pleasant part of the office environment
  • Be just as prompt, polite and attentive in virtual meetings as you would be in real life
  • Avoid distractions and secure good quality headphones or earbuds
  • Mute yourself when you’re not speaking in a virtual meeting
  • Share an agenda for your meeting ahead of time
  • Practice with your virtual meeting platform ahead of time
  • Use a professional email address for your business correspondence
  • Start and close emails with a greeting and signoff
  • Reply All only when appropriate and necessary
  • Start a new email thread when you start a new topic
  • When you’re first texting someone, identify yourself and provide context
  • Don’t text sensitive or upsetting news
  • Use professional writing, spelling and grammar when texting
  • For attachments or complex information, use email instead of text
  • Don’t spam others on social media with multiple posts close together
  • Adhere to the rules of the group on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Don’t hijack neighborhood groups with listings
  • Be smart about the social media content you share and avoid spreading misinformation
  • Remember that what you post online and on social media lives on forever and conduct yourself accordingly
  • Text before you call someone for the first time
  • Schedule lengthy calls with a calendar invite
  • Follow up phone calls with an email recap
  • Put together neat offers with all supporting documents
  • Be mindful of offer etiquette that’s unique to your local market
  • Thank the agent on the other side of the offer for their time after the process is over with a handwritten note

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