Chime Targets Large Brokerages With Launch Of New Enterprise Platform

Chime Targets Large Brokerages With Launch Of New Enterprise Platform

Known for customer relationship management software and marketing automation tools, the company’s new Chime Enterprise Platform will adapt to clients’ overarching internal office structure.

Real estate technology company Chime has expanded its product reach into the enterprise domain to provide large brokerages with an array of centralized features and services.

Known for its customer relationship management software and marketing automation tools, among other business innovations for brokers and agents, the Chime Enterprise Platform will adapt to each client’s overarching operation and internal office structure. This will entail layering its software over team needs, individual account permission ladders, lead absorption and routing rules and marketing tactics, among other operational requirements.

Enterprise solutions are growing in the industry, especially as known national brokerages become more aggressive in recruiting, team autonomy and technology offerings. Like others in the space, Chime Enterprise can be white-labeled, and will offer single sign-on functionality, which enables users to log in once to access all included tools and partnership offerings. Single sign-on is growing in importance as a feature because so many brokerages offer so many different products. Enterprise services, and single sign-on work together to flatten the tech-stack.

“By empowering agents with Chime’s innovative new platform, forward thinking brokerages are well positioned to attract and retain strategic, top producing agents across the country,” the company said in a statement.

Every office under an enterprise solution will be empowered to design an account structure according to their established workflow, meaning it will be easy to separate and service teams, staff and individual agents per location. In turn, lead-gen efforts, branding assets, deal roles and its granular performance reporting will be custom to each team or agent.

Brokers will be able to save account profiles as templates for quick application to new agents and staff members, helping to hasten hiring practices. All permissions and lead routing rules, for example, will be ready to go upon day one. Account profiles can be easily edited as agents and roles evolve.

With full white-labeling, meaning the appearance that Chime Enterprise, when branded, “belongs” to the user, the benefits are multi-fold. Primarily, it provides a stronger sense of collective ownership in the solution, promoting adoption among agents and offering local offices a stronger recruiting platform through the concept of an entrenched technology solution.

Domain names, log-in screens, email and feature dashboards will reflect logo, color schemes and other marketing assets of the enterprise customer. However, consistency in look and messaging can be controlled by marketing admins and appropriate office leadership.

Dave Carter, Vice President of Marketing at Chime said the enterprise offering was developed to appeal to complex business structures, common to the real estate industry given the way offices are owned and teams are formed. The multiple levels of ownership and managmenet can be hard to discern at times, making software decisions and roll-outs challenging.

“Modern brokerage owners understand that by empowering agents with innovative technology tools, they are better positioned to attract and retain the top talent needed to accelerate business growth,” Carter said in a statement. “Our Enterprise Platform was expressly designed to support a complex organizational structure and deliver an all-in-one sales acceleration platform to consolidate costs and grow the business.”

Chime has been busy of late growing its feature-set through partnerships, in part to attract users of related products, but to offer existing customers seamless access to valuable tools.

The company also spent considerable funds early in 2022 to add support, marketing and sales staff, likely in preparation for the enterprise announcement.

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