Dippidi Kicks Off 2022 With New Real Estate Agent Marketing Services

Marketing technology company Dippidi will be rolling out new services for its real estate agent clients in 2022.

Launched in 2019, Dippidi assists brokerages and agents in creating and running online advertising campaigns, namely on Facebook and Google’s PPC platform.

It serves as a strategic administrator, helping agents determine how to reach new and existing contacts by overlapping databases with ongoing revenue goals. Campaigns can be created to collect new leads or market a new listing, among other reasons. The company offers regular meetings to measure and analyze, and it assists with applying marketing budgets to audience creation.

One of Dippidi’s more unique but critical customer requirements is that advertising spends start at $500. The number is likely tough for a number of new agents to tackle, but it helps prove that advertising requires a financial and operational commitment.

“Typically we spend about 60 percent of that budget on remarketing, whether that’s to their database, website visitors, Google PPC or video viewers,” Dippidi co-founder Tyler Auerbacher said in a 2020 Inman report.

This month, Dippidi will be offering a new unlimited level of Facebook ad planning, creation and placement. The cost will be around $700, Auerbacher said in a phone call with Inman. The new account service will start on Jan. 31. Auerbacher envisions some clients running from six to eight individual ads per month.

Dippidi will also be pushing into video ads and content on YouTube as part of the new features rollout.

Auerbacher told Inman the company has hired a creative designer to spearhead organic content creation as part of its “content marketplace.” Agents will be able buy graphics and content al-a-carte to include in their campaigns or any self-directed web marketing efforts.

The Dippidi content library will launch in February, and prices will vary according to use and complexity. Users could purchase packs of blog posts, for example, or infographics and industry-related imagery.

Since its launch, Dippidi has forged partnerships with a number of notable CRM and digital business companies in real estate to quickly connect mutual users. It works with Chime, AgentFire and Sierra Interactive.

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