Do you speak the same language as your Gen Z clients? Do You Speak The Same Language As Your Gen Z Clients?

This is post is part of Inman’s series on the ways people from different generations approach the homebuying experience. Click here for part one in the series, and here for Inman’s quiz on millennials. Also check back in the coming days for additional stories on homebuyers from Generation X and the baby boom generation as part of Agent Appreciation Month. Take advantage of our Agent Appreciation Sale, and subscribe to Inman Select for only $85. 

Everyone knows about the millennials at this point, but have you heard about Generation Z?

Gen Z, or the “zoomers” as they’re sometimes known, are the youngest adults in the U.S. right now. Demographers’ definitions vary, but for the most part the generation is understood to include people born in the mid to late 1990s up through 2012 or so. That means that while some Gen Zers are still teenagers, others are old enough to be out of college and buying homes.

Generation Z is still a small force in the housing market, but with nearly as many members as the millennials, the cohort will have a huge impact in the coming years. Take Inman’s Generation Z quiz below to see how well you understand this massive group of future homeowners.

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