Drive Safe” And Five Other Ways Real Estate Dads Say “I Love You

Drive Safe” And Five Other Ways Real Estate Dads Say “I Love You

From bad “dad jokes” to checking our tire pressure, dads have many unique ways to show love. Trainer Rachael Hite writes that real estate dads have mastered the Acts of Service love language.

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If there is one love language that a dad gets right, it has to be acts of service.  As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend I wanted to take a moment and reflect about all the things dads say and do for us that may fall under your radar. These simple acts of love show us they care in big and small ways.

Working in real estate is unique in that you are a sage and trusted guide for your clients, but you are also often working very closely with concerned dads and uncles who want to make sure that their loved one is going into a safe home. When we think about acts of service, it falls to the maintenance of cars, homes, and the things in between.

Here are six ways that dads say, “I love you.”

‘Drive safe’

From checking tire pressure to reminding us to get inspections and oil changes, and checking to see if you have ice melt windshield fluid in the winter, dads are always down for a quick car check-up. It becomes second nature to tell folks to drive safely, from their kids to their clients. Real estate dads are also prepared to jump a client’s car or change a client’s flat tire; it’s an implied part of their service.

‘I can fix that’

One thing I’ve noticed is that real estate dads often have a good toolkit handy. They will shake a suspiciously loose handrail right along with their client’s dad in agreement that some regular maintenance is done.  It’s not unusual to find a real estate dad in the crawl space or attic with the home inspector, right in the thick of the situation.

‘Do you need a ride?’

They are just a phone call away, and if dads are able, they are happy to come pick you up — and do the driving. If you are lucky, they will also share a good dad joke during the ride or showings.

‘This is what I would do with the grass’

When it comes to lawn care, this is serious business for dads. From filling in bare spots with seeds to feeding and treating to making those perfect lines, dads love to talk lawn for curb appeal — and they know where to get the best-priced mulch for the flower beds.

Bonus: Dads are armchair experts in pest control and critter removal, much to the chagrin of their audience, who might want them to call the professionals.

‘Let’s get a treat!’

There is nothing better than when a dad says, “Let’s get in the car for milkshakes” or some kind of treat, especially after a difficult day. There is always that one real estate dad in the office who gets in first with donuts and makes coffee for everyone. FYI: The dads who take you to Costco to stock up on essentials also fall in this category.

‘This is what you need to do to stay safe’

Experts in home and personal safety, dads have plenty of advice about making sure you lock your doors and windows and carry personal safety devices. Some of the best-run safety committees in real estate are headed up by real estate dads who want to see everyone they care about stay safe.

A few notes about dads and the love they show

Growing up in rural Appalachia in a low-income household, we didn’t have much, but I never felt that I was without. My father has worked six days a week in commercial welding since he was 18 years old and continues to do so, even though he is getting very close to retirement.

My dad is a quiet man, but the one thing I have always known is that I’m loved because he spoke this “I love you” language through his acts of service.

When I was actively working in real estate, showing homes and driving back and forth between two states and 8 counties, he was my Triple-A. He made sure I carried pepper spray, and when I was too busy as a single mom working two jobs, he would come by after work to mow my grass for me — with a bucket of chicken, so I didn’t have to cook dinner.

When I think about Father’s Day, I think about single moms like myself who are just trying to hold things together. I think about others who are missing the dads they’ve lost (or never had).  These realities of life make the dads who are here and present, doing the good work of taking care of their families and their network, so very special.

All the “drive safes” and the “Do you have gas money?” and “Did you lock your back doors?” and “Did you set your thermostat?” make up the “I love yous” this challenging world needs. I hope that this weekend, you take a moment to celebrate your own dad, husband, boyfriend, grandfather, uncle, friend or another dad you know in a special way.

If Father’s Day is a challenging day for you, I get it. These relationships are often not a fairytale, and we shouldn’t romanticize something that really wasn’t a beautiful story. You can shape the challenge into a positive light if you become the “dad” and show some acts of service to those you love and care about.

Let your family and friends know that good “dad advice” can make all the difference in how they feel cared for and loved.

Rachael Hite is a former agent, a business development specialist, fair housing advocate, copy editor, and is currently perfecting her long game selling forever homes in a retirement continuing care community in Northern Virginia. You can connect with her about life, marketing, and business on Instagram. 

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