From ‘click’ to ‘close’ and beyond: how to attract clients for life in real estate

Humor me for a second, and let’s think like an ecologist. Ecosystems are made up of a million little moving parts, with unique lifecycles occurring simultaneously. One glitch or gap in the system and things fall apart, right? Maybe it’s too few bumblebees. Maybe it’s too many bunnies. (Okay, impossible.)

Real estate businesses are not so different. One glitch or gap and you’re giving your clients a fragmented experience, missing out on business opportunities, or making your life a lot harder than it should be!

So, consider this: Are your front and back-office platforms communicating like a thriving ecosystem?

Back office = transaction management, accounting, commission automation, etc.
Front office = CRM, lead gen tools, IDX website, etc.

Seamlessness matters, and here’s why. When your systems are communicating effectively you experience…

  • Accurate contact information, always
  • A bird’s eye view of every single lead lifecycle, from “click” to “close” and beyond
  • Streamlined reporting that allows you to see gaps and opportunities
  • Faster commission payments

BoomTown, the #1 user-rated real estate CRM, acquired the industry’s leading back-office software, Brokermint, to give clients an advanced integration between the two. Agents are empowered to build a real estate business that functions as a thriving system. No gaps. No glitches.

Let’s take a quick stroll through the lead lifecycle. Remember, the most successful agents attract clients for life — not just quick wins.

Step 1: Click

‘Charlie’ finds your site through a Google Ad. You’re crushing it in your market and your sleek, custom-designed IDX website with addictive search functionality proves it.

Because your front office is functioning at full steam, you have the lead insights and follow-up tools you need to qualify and engage Charlie at the right time. So Charlie’s hooked. You work your magic, get the appointment, find his dream house, and do the dang thing.

Step 2: Close

Charlie puts in an offer, and because your back office is on point, everything is hyper-organized and ready to rock. Your ducks are in a row, you are working for Charlie at lightning speed, and the offer is accepted.

With a seamless front and back office integration, everything happens in one place. Lead generation, lead nurture, appointment setting, transaction management, commission, reporting…all of it.

Step 3: Beyond

“Beyond” means you don’t just stop when the deal is done! Your ecosystem is designed to attract clients for life. You get reminders to check in with Charlie on his closing anniversary and shoot him a message on his birthday.

When a few years pass, the market is hot, and he’s ready to upsize into a family home, your brand is front and center! BoomTown’s Lead Concierge Service, Success Assurance, is monitoring your entire database for meaningful behavior and noticed that Charlie was browsing again. BoomTown reached out on your behalf to get the conversation going, and Charlie has a showing scheduled on Tuesday morning.

That’s pretty powerful stuff. At the end of the day don’t we all just want to feel empowered in our business?

Front and back-office communication empowers agents, brokers, and teams with meaningful data. Dashboards that tell you a story, not just gobbledygook numbers.

Agents can see their commission goals and status.
Brokers can see active opportunities in the pipeline and monthly projections.
Transaction coordinators can see the status of every active and closed deal.
Accounting managers get a bird’s eye view into the entire operation.

With BoomTown and Brokermint technology, brokers can even track agents’ offers-to-accepted ratio. Maybe the average for the office is eight offers to one accepted, but ‘Caroline’s’ average is three to one. Insights like this help you determine best practices, coach up other agents, and stay on top of production goals.

(AKA: think like a business owner.)

Build your “click-to-close-and-beyond” real estate business with BoomTown! To learn more check out

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