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Looking for more advice? Check out Inman’s New Agent Essentials.

The first couple of years in the industry can be a lonely grind as you build your business. And there’s a lot of noise out there on how to do it right. 

Here at Inman, we pride ourselves on bringing you the top insights from those who have been there and done it. To support you through those first two years, cut through the noise and get you thriving faster, we’ve collected all of the top advice from Inman contributors and community members in one place, New Agent Essentials.

We’ll continue to pile insightful content there (so bookmark this page) to ensure you never look like a rookie, even if you are (and stay tuned throughout 2022 for more new agent perks just for Inman readers). 

Here is a sample of just a few of the articles you’ll find on our New Agent Essentials:

If you’re a brand new agent, you need to keep your eye on the bottom line while effectively promoting your business. Here’s advice from the experts to keep your budget on track and business booming.

When you first get your real estate license, your head may be filled with questions of writing contracts, previewing properties and closing processes. When you ask about these things, however, the answer from brokers and colleagues is usually, “Don’t worry about that. Just worry about getting clients.”

If you’re curious what tens of thousands of other real estate agents are reading (and what strategies they’re leaning on), we’ve got you covered. Here are the most-read how-tos from 2021.

What are the skills you need to develop now that will lead to your dream business in the future? The more you improve yourself, the more your business will improve, says Jimmy Burgess.

Aggravating mistakes end up costing you clients, time and money, with the largest expense being to your reputation. Find out what not to do — and how to keep your clients happy.

If you’ve got that social media writer’s block, Jimmy Burgess has gathered 22 social media ideas to post in 2022. Use these to connect better with your ideal clients.

For more New Agent Essentials, check back each week as we bring you the most cutting-edge strategies for today’s ever-changing market.

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