Here’s how to reimagine the closing experience for your clients

Real estate agents and their clients aren’t the only ones embracing innovative technology to enhance the efficiency and experience of real estate transactions. Escrow officers, who have devoted their careers to helping others get over the final hurdle of the real estate transaction, are also eager for innovation that can help them provide a reimagined closing experience to their customers.

“It wasn’t uncommon to learn a week before closing that something was missing,” says Kari, who has 17 years of escrow experience.

“In the past when someone had a question, I needed to turn to a file cabinet to find the answer,” recalls 26-year industry veteran Brandi.

“In escrow, a lot of things happen outside of business hours. There’s an expectation of us to provide a certain level of client service,” says Allison, a 16-year industry veteran.

Kari, Brandi, and Allison all joined Endpoint for the same reason. They wanted to work for a company that provided opportunities for professional growth and empowered them to deliver an enhanced experience for the agents, buyers, and sellers they serve.

Backed by industry leader First American Financial Corporation, Endpoint is a digital title and settlement services company built from the ground up to deliver a reimagined closing experience for real estate agents, proptech companies, buyers, and sellers. By combining the expertise of seasoned escrow officers — intentionally given the job title “closing specialists” — with proprietary technology, Endpoint keeps everyone effortlessly and securely in the know throughout the transaction.

“We envisioned specialists who manage an order from open to close, and who proactively reach out and provide a higher-touch closing experience than many others offer,” said Garreth Long, Endpoint‘s Vice President of Revenue.

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When technology is used to keep people abreast of the steps in the process and automate repetitive tasks, closing specialists like Kari, Brandi and Allison can focus on what they do best, elevating the experience for all parties in the transaction.

Kari says that before she gets a new customer file, AI-driven algorithms process the client’s information and closing coordinators review the file for quality control to assess whether everything is on track. This allows her to be proactive, rather than reactive, with the agents, buyers, and sellers with whom she works.

While Kari is there to assist at every step of the process, she says the Endpoint app is a differentiator. “I love the notification and recent activity features. The app offers one central location where anyone involved in the transaction can track progress in real time.”

Knowing that agents prefer to work with a single closing specialist throughout the process, Endpoint assigns one to each transaction. However, with Endpoint’s unique team approach, Brandi notes the process doesn’t have to stop when she’s away from her computer. Anyone can pick up the file, get up to speed quickly, and pick up where she left off.

Prior to joining Endpoint, Allison spent much of her day answering questions about the status of a transaction. “Those calls don’t happen anymore,” she said. “Because everything is in the app and agents and their clients have visibility into a transaction from the start, I’m able to deliver a more personalized experience, and spend more time on problem solving.”

Unlike his colleagues, Paul, a senior closing specialist at Endpoint, previously worked at another digital escrow company. He knows firsthand they are not all created equal. Many make statements about technology solutions and features that they cannot support, and most don’t deliver the same consumer experience through an app like Endpoint — something he credits to First American.

“Our connection to First American provides an unparalleled depth of resources. The platform is built by people who do what I do,” he said. “At the same time, there’s a human behind everything. The combination works really, really well.”

Endpoint’s unique approach utilizes people, process, and technology to provide an integrated closing for tech-forward real estate professionals eager to provide a streamlined buying and selling process from start to finish. Learn more about Endpoint at

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