How the savvy agent will turn their buyers into power buyers in 2022

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest real estate innovations, you’ve probably already heard the term “power buyer.” While some companies are adopting it to self-describe, others such as Knock are taking a different stance. We’re making your clients the power buyers.

Here’s why turning your clients into power buyers will win you more business and more bidding wars in 2022.

Power buyers can compete with a non-contingent offer.

In a seller’s market like today’s, trying to compete with a contingent offer is an uphill battle. (And in some markets, seemingly impossible.) Power buyers have an immediate leg up against the competition, as they’re able to put down contingency-free offers that can compete with cash.

“Without the Home Swap, [my clients] would have had to have a contingent offer, which in this market, is nearly impossible to get. We avoided all of this stress by doing the Knock Home Swap.” – Elena Corbett, KW Realty Consultants, Atlanta

Power buyers experience more convenience.

Power buyers don’t just have the benefit of a stronger offer. The entire process will be smoother for them. In the instance of the Knock Home Swap™, power buyers are enabled to buy before they sell. This means they can move out of their old house on their timeline, avoiding living through repairs to get listing-ready and showings.

“The ease of moving and getting out of your old house is so important. If my clients were to do just the traditional way, they’d be living with contractors in the house, trying to get all this done with kids and the dogs, and all of the stuff that goes with it. Then, there’s no assurance that you’ve got the new house lined up. The Knock Home Swap was a no-brainer.” – James Sharp, JP & Associates Realtors, Dallas-Fort Worth

And it’s not just your power buyer clients who will have a smoother ride. Agents won’t have to coordinate showings with client schedules or show before listing prep.

Power buyers don’t have to turn out their pockets in a bidding war.

In the not-so-uncommon instance of a bidding war, clients who are power buyers will have more leverage at their disposal. While buyers going the traditional route might only have an offer price as a card to play, power buyers can pad their offer with non-contingencies, guaranteed closing dates, and appraisal gap protection — gems that sellers love.

“My clients chose Knock because it gave them a competitive edge. It allowed them to purchase a home that had appraised $12,000 below the sales price. Knock was able to pay that difference for my clients free of charge and kept the deal together.” – Tricia Tumlinson, Douglas Elliman

Power buyers can sell for top dollar.

Despite the name, power buyers don’t just benefit on the buy-side. If they have a home to sell, they’ll benefit on the sell-side too. For instance, take the Knock Home Swap™. By unlocking funds and providing resources for listing prep, Knock gives your power buyer clients the ability to make small improvements that make a big impact before selling. This means you can list for top dollar, boosting your commission and getting your client the absolute best price for their old house.

Agents in 2022 aren’t wanting for options in the innovation department. However, the savvy agent will focus on solutions that give their buyers more advantage. Whether they’re buying and selling or buying-only, Knock unlocks your clients’ buying potential, turning them into power buyers that will come out on top in today’s market.

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