Is Your Brokerage Getting Attention For All The Wrong Reasons?

Is Your Brokerage Getting Attention For All The Wrong Reasons?

You need to get positive attention both for agent recruitment and for client lead gen. Laura Stace offers tips to ensure your brokerage is getting the right kind of attention.

Generating the right kind of attention for your brokerage in today’s competitive environment is something that takes a dedicated and thoughtful strategy based on understanding your agents and their clients, the changing market, current social conversations and issues, and what resonates with your audience the most. 

With this understanding in mind, not only will you generate attention but also success. Listening and truly understanding is one of the most critical tools company owners, and managers can use to their advantage. With this in mind, below, I share four right and wrong ways to generate attention for your brokerage.  

Value proposition 

Right: Understanding what your company brings to the table for agents and their clients as your value proposition and sharing that message is key to drawing the right kind of attention to your brokerage. When the message is shared, it will resonate with the right audience who will be drawn to your company as they will be like-minded in their approach to business. 

Wrong: Copying others or trying to be something that you are not is the wrong way to bring attention to your company. Always stay true to yourself when creating your value proposition and talking about company ethos. You don’t want to misrepresent yourself as that attention you garner will appeal to the wrong audience and won’t be fruitful in the long run.  

Build and maintain trust

Right: Building and maintaining trust with your audience is the right way to generate attention. In the relationship between company and consumer, the consumer demands trust. They rely on you to conduct business in an ethical way and will hold you to the highest of standards. Don’t break their trust by compromising your values for anything. 

Wrong: The fastest way for a company to generate negative attention is to let their consumers down by not upholding their word. Lying or misrepresenting something will ensure the focus of negative press and the subject of a social media uproar. No one wants this type of attention as it can irrevocably tarnish a reputation and impact your bottom line. 

Be thoughtful with messaging 

Right: Always ensure your messaging is not only true to the company’s values but that it wouldn’t be perceived as offensive or alienating to anyone. Sometimes companies might seek to push the boundary to generate some buzz, but be sure to always be mindful with your words. 

Wrong: Even if it’s not intended to cause harm, not being mindful with your messaging can lead to unwanted attention and a damaged reputation. If there is something that you think comes near the mark, be sure to run it by others for their feedback and reaction. You always want to show your company values in the best possible light. 

Don’t be stubborn with strategy 

Right: If your company has engaged in the same strategy to generate attention but has little traction, it’s time for a change. Change can bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table, so don’t be stubborn about strategy. Even the best-laid plans sometimes go array. 

Wrong: Sticking to a strategy that is not generating results and raising awareness of your company can only cause damage to you and limit potential. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and pivot. It’s always best to take a chance and try something; if it doesn’t work, don’t be shy to try and try again. 

Generating attention for your brokerage is an important part of business. You need to keep your audience engaged and let potential customers learn about your services. In order to do so, you need to be able to communicate your value proposition in an authentic voice, build and maintain trust with your audience, be thoughtful with your messaging and be open to adjusting your strategy if something isn’t working. 

Laura Stace is vice president of luxury marketing for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

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