Join Us Throughout February For iBuyer Month At Inman

After a momentous year for iBuyers, where do instant offer companies like Offerpad, Opendoor and Redfin Now go from here? All February, Inman will dig into iBuyers to determine what the new year has in store, where opportunities lie for real estate agents and what brokerages should expect. It’s iBuyer Month at Inman.

This month, Inman is bringing you everything you need to understand this iBuyers and their potential at Inman this February. We’re gauging the impact of this disruptive technology, looking at how it has fared over the past several years (think: Zillow exits iBuying), and looking at what they’ll do next.

We’ve been providing the latest in news you can use since iBuyers first became a thing, and this month, we’re showing you how to put this technology to work for your business. You’ll find out about the biggest players in the segment and even learn more about the latest tech to help you implement your own iBuyer platform.

What to expect

  • Handbooks on all things iBuyer
  • Peeks at the latest tech
  • Pro tips from real estate’s top performers
  • So much more

How to get involved

What’s more, each week, we’ll pose a new question in our Pulse survey. Please weigh in with your insights and experiences in our anonymous, one-question survey, and we’ll share the results with readers the following week.

Have a hot take? Become an Inman contributor and share your views with the Inman community. Join in as we analyze iBuyers and their impact on the markets and the industry. 

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