Lone Wolf And California Association Of Realtors Deepen Partnership

Lone Wolf Technologies has deepened its relationship with the California Association of Realtors by supplying a host of new products to its members.

Lone Wolf Technologies has deepened its relationship with the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) by supplying a host of new products to its members.

The Cambridge, Ontario-based company announced in a press release that members of C.A.R. will now be able to leverage OfferPlace for digital offer submission and management, message clients, and send critical documents directly through mobile iMessage and track contacts, deals and marketing efforts through LionDesk, which Lone Wolf acquired in 2021.

“These tools simplify the real estate experience for agents and their clients by replacing painstaking processes with digital actions that take mere moments,” the press release stated.

The 210,000 members of C.A.R. already use products from Lone Wolf that include the zipForm Edition of Lone Wolf Transactions, zipLogix Digital Ink 2.0, zipForm Mobile, MLS-Connect, Forms Advisor and zipForm standard edition.

Technology partnerships continue to be a major point of emphasis for multiple listing services industrywide, especially as the traditional business models face increasing pressure from upstart brokerages, technology providers and alternative approaches to serving consumers.

In late 2021, C.A.R.’s new venture arm invested directly in New York-based data provider, Perchwell.

Value-added services and partnerships help multiple listing services remain sticky to their base and keep them central to conducting business, a concept that’s becoming more challenging of late. Lone Wolf’s broad menu of single-provider innovations make them an ideal partner for organizations wanting to integrate products quickly.

John Sebree

John Sebree, CEO of C.A.R., said his organization’s decisions are dictated by the needs of its members and the consumers they serve.

“Our eye is always on the future of the real estate business,” he said in the release. “We’re looking to fully equip our members to work successfully in the digital world, and we felt that Lone Wolf was the right company out there that can deliver the tools they need now.”

Lead-gen and nurture through LionDesk, offer oversight, deal messaging, multiple options for transaction oversight to the hour of closing, C.A.R. members now have an array of high-end technologies to help facilitate business. Training and support will remain crucial to onboarding and adoption, however.

“We couldn’t be more honored to partner with such an influential organization and provide our solutions to so many C.A.R. members,” said Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf in the press release. “Real estate is all about people helping other people buy and sell homes. We don’t provide technology to replace people in the process, but rather, to make it simpler for them to do the things they have always done.”

Lone Wolf serves more than 1.5 million real estate professionals across both countries. Its U.S. headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.

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