New RE/MAX Ad Highlights Need For Real Estate Agents In Tough Times

The pandemic has been challenging for the real estate industry, with agents and consumers figuring out how to navigate a wily housing market and the difficulties that come with social distancing, travel restrictions, masks and vaccine mandates, and other rules that have upended normal life.

To honor the tenacity of agents during this time, RE/MAX has released a new ad campaign, “The Right Agent Can Lead the Way.”

Airing on HGTV, Discovery, YouTube, Hulu, Facebook and Instagram starting Tuesday, the campaign includes 25 commercials that highlight the importance of having an experienced agent on your side, from finding the perfect listings, hosting in-depth virtual tours, creating pitch-perfect listing presentations for sellers, creating compelling offers, and finally sealing the deal on a new home.

“This year’s campaign reflects the real challenges we’ve all faced over the past two years, with much of our time spent at home,” Camp + King Partner and Director of Brand Management Emily Dillow said in a written statement.

“We hope everyone who sees the ads — including consumers and RE/MAX agents — will see some of their own story reflected on screen.”

The crown jewel of the ad campaign is “All Together,” a two-minute commercial detailing the story of a young family struggling to live side-by-side with their parents in a cramped home.

A mother and grandfather clumsily trade places in a tiny bathroom as they finish their morning routine, the grandmother quickly washes dishes in a too-small sink after dinner, and the children can barely move through slender doorways.

In desperate need of more space, the young couple secretly starts searching for a new home; however, the grandparents find clues their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren are looking to move elsewhere.

After months of searching, the couple purchases their new abode, goes to give their family a tour, and reveals the biggest secret of all — a backyard cottage for the grandparents to live in.

“We want viewers to feel what it’s like when they find the home that’s right for them,” said RE/MAX Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Abby Lee of the heartwarming commercial.

“[The new advertising campaign] showcases the significance of home and celebrates the RE/MAX agents who help people achieve their real estate goals every day.”

The new campaign took seven days to shoot with a team of 49 cast members and 16 RE/MAX agents in two cities.

“RE/MAX agents understand the importance of home and what it means for people everywhere, now more so than ever,” Lee said. “Webley and Meyers expertly captured the emotions we all go through when buying, selling or owning a home.”

RE/MAX affiliates can personalize these commercials for their own advertising needs by visiting RE/MAX Hustle, an online advertising hub that enables brokers and agents to create quick, professional digital advertisements. By clicking “Customize a Commercial,” agents can add their contact information and headshot to be included as an ending shot.

The edited commercials are available for immediate download.

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