Peter Schravemade, Public Face Of BoxBrownie, Departs Company

Schravemade was’s global director of sales, marketing and revenue for half a decade but is now taking time off to spend with his family.

Peter Schravemade, who for years has served as the public face of real estate imaging startup, is leaving the company, he announced last week.

Peter Schravemade

Schravemade spent about five and a half years as the global director of sales, marketing and revenue at, which provides virtual staging and 3D tour services. However, in a conversation with Inman, Schravemade said he was ready for a break from the role after spending months at a time on the road while promoting the company’s services.

The work was made even more challenging by the fact that much of Schravemade’s travel was to the U.S. and other regions, while his home and’s headquarters are in Australia — and by the fact that he has a family at home.

“It was a bit of on-the-road fatigue,” Schravemade noted.

He also said was evolving in a way that needed “a fresh set of eyes” as it moved forward.

Schravemade said he remains friends with the team and looks forward to the company’s success in the future.

Mel Meyers

In an email to Inman, CEO Mel Myers said working with Schravemade “was an absolute pleasure.”

“We will be forever grateful to him as a key player in our growth story, from tiny start up to the international brand we are today,” Meyers added. “For whatever is next, we expect great things from him.” launched in 2015 and has since embarked on a number of partnerships with various real estate brokerages and brands. Last year, the company said it was seeing a surge in business thanks to changes in the real estate industry during the coronavirus pandemic. According to a statement this week, now has clients in over 110 countries globally.

Schravemade was regularly the company’s public voice for major announcements, and has acted as a commentator on various other real estate trends as well.

In the immediate term, Schravemade is taking some time off following his departure from

“I am keen to spend some time with my family in the short term,” he added in a statement, “but am equally excited for the future and look forward to whatever the next challenge might be.”

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