Real (estate) talk: making history as a Black woman

Black History Month is an extra special time to give extra special attention to Black excellence in the real estate industry. Lee Davenport shares stories of innovation and ingenuity in this week’s column.

What do the following items have in common? 

  • automatic elevator doors
  • improved ironing boards 
  • three-signal traffic lights and gas masks
  • home security systems
  • carbon filaments in light bulbs 
  • animated GIFs 
  • blood banks 
  • 3D movies 
  • potato chips
  • and even downtown Los Angeles 

If you didn’t know, those are all a direct result of Black Americans and our ingenuity 

Thankfully, due to the dedication of Carter G. Woodson — a Harvard University graduate and a former dean at Howard University in Washington, D.C. (over almost a hundred years ago) — we now have a whole month,  albeit the shortest month, dedicated to honoring the participation and achievements of Black Americans to this land that we love … although it’s a complicated love. 

No, our history is not to be contained in only one month. But just like celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s an extra special time to give extra special attention, in this case, to many extra special someones. 

In that vein, and because we might as well jump on the fact that March celebrates women, I want to highlight some Black women in real estate who are modern history makers despite some of the hurdles they face because of their skin color and/or gender.  

They are Black excellence personified, and I hope their journeys will inspire and encourage.

Check them out in this week’s video. Featured interviews in order of appearance are Christian RossAmy McCoy and Gene Lewis.

Lee Davenport is a licensed real estate broker, trainer and coach. Follow her on YouTube, or visit her website.

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