Start 2022 Right With Agent Appreciation Month Here At Inman

Start 2022 Right With Agent Appreciation Month Here At Inman

Mastering virtual showings, getting deals done in the strangest of circumstances, keeping all the balls in the air during one of the craziest years in memory — agents, we see you. To start fresh in 2022, we want to take a moment (or a month) to recognize the backbone of the industry: agents.

Get ready for real talk. We’ll bring you the nitty-gritty of agents’ lives, from their perspectives, as well as insightful content to help you get more out of the time and energy you put into building your business.

What to expect

  • How to show gratitude to agents
  • Handbooks on defending your commission and choosing the right brokerage
  • Pro tips from real estate’s top performers
  • Glossary of real estate terms every new agent should know
  • So much more

How to get involved

Join Inman in showing gratitude to those who make this industry tick. If you’ve got an agent you’d like to see us celebrate, email [email protected] and tip us off. 

What’s more, each week, we’ll pose a new question in our Pulse survey. Please weigh in with your insights and experiences in our anonymous, one-question survey, and we’ll share the results with readers the following week.

Join in as we kick off the new decade with an ode to the agent. You represent the best and brightest in real estate! 

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