Sundae Launches Program To Close Gender Gap In Real Estate Investing

Sundae Launches Program To Close Gender Gap In Real Estate Investing

Sundae, a platform for investing in distressed properties, is launching a series of webinars to promote more women in real estate investing.

To close the gender gap in real estate investing, investment property marketplace Sundae is launching an educational program to promote property investing among women, it was announced Tuesday. Nationally, about 30 percent of all residential property investors are female, Sundae said in a statement.

The ongoing woman-focused educational series begins with the release of a podcast, entitled, “Empowering Women in Real Estate: Investment Tips.”

Webinars and interactive online events will follow and include introductory lessons, how-tos, insights on challenges women face when investing and content to inspire women to invest and commit to wealth building.

The first webinar will be held on March 17, entitled, “Women’s Day Special: Overcoming Roadblocks as Women Property Investors.”

Monick Halm, founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, will be the featured speaker at the March 24 webinar.

Sundae’s City General Manager, Michelle Taylor, will host both events.

In 2020, Sundae, which pools groups of investors to buy distressed properties. raised $16.5 million in a Series A round. It’s continued to grow, releasing an online marketplace for customers to search, compare and make offers on available properties. At the time, Sundae said the search tool provides investors with “exclusive and vetted properties sourced directly from homeowners looking to sell to a cash buyer.”

Investors can search for homes in 23 markets.

About the program to encourage women to invest, Sundae CEO and co-founder, Josh Stech, said it will result in more people being able to help sellers faced with trying to sell homes as-is, and that don’t match most homebuyers’ criteria.

“Empowering more women to join our platform and succeed in property investing is a win-win because it will also help us get the best outcome for sellers who turn to Sundae,” he said.

Sundae announced in February a financing program for distressed property investment.

The company said that Sundae Funding Inc., is currently available in California, Florida, Georgia, Texas and Colorado with more states to be added over the next few months.

“Interestingly, we’ve seen that women who place offers in Sundae’s marketplace tend to win more of the properties they bid on compared to men, however there are far fewer women participating,” said Shane Steele, CMO of Sundae, in a statement. “That’s true for the industry as a whole, with women making up less than a third of the residential real estate investor community. We’re looking forward to empowering more women to participate and succeed in this exciting field.”

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