Tell us about the shadiest buyer boosting behavior in your market: Pulse

Pulse is a recurring column where we ask for readers’ takes on varying topics in a weekly survey and report back with our findings.

Low inventory and sky-high demand over the last couple of years have led to some wild so-called strategies to give buyers a leg-up. Whether they come from the buyers themselves or their agents, some are silly, some are smart, and some are downright shady.

While we know that a well-constructed offer and solid communication make a big difference in your buyer’s chances of securing their dream home, there will always be folks trying to cut corners and give themselves that little big of extra advantage.

So, this week, we’re asking our readers: What’s the shadiest thing you’ve seen someone do in your market to boost the chances of a buyer? Did it work or blow up in their face? Are agents running amok or is it the buyers who are driving bad behavior?


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