These luxury agents are making the most of TikTok and Instagram Reels

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Staying on-trend is essential in luxury real estate, and one of the biggest trends right now is short-form videos popularized by platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. With these platforms often being targeted toward younger audiences, agents in high-end markets might be wondering if it’s worth investing and engaging with them.

The answer is an emphatic yes—and to explain, here are two luxury agents making the most of video content to drive their real estate business. Brandon Tyler is a real estate agent with Mahler Sotheby’s International Realty who has taken advantage of Instagram to build his brand. Daniel Heider is Senior Vice President and Global Real Estate Advisor at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty whose use of TikTok is changing the way agents view and understand social media.

Why should agents be paying attention to platforms like TikTok and factoring them into their marketing plans?

TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

Brandon Tyler: 93% of people start the buying or selling process online. 40% of purchases are influenced by social media. 70% of people use smartphones to search about the home-buying process. I have to have a presence on these platforms because the numbers don’t lie in terms of where consumers obtain their content.

Daniel Heider: The fact that real estate TikToks and Reels have become their own designated category speaks volumes. When we started, we were the only ones doing it. Seeing it catch on worldwide, with agents creating new accounts daily, was not something we initially expected. It really shows how important digital marketing has become in our industry.

What makes short-form video content so compelling for viewers, especially in the context of luxury real estate?

Brandon Tyler

BT: Engagement stems from relatability and curiosity. In my market, people use social media to understand who I am and what I do. If they ‘like’ what they see, they’ll want to know how I can help them, and they’ll reach out when they’re ready. Some will ask questions about a home or about the market, while others want to know how I’ve scaled my business. In the end, it’s about being accessible and omnipresent.

The fact that real estate TikToks and Reels have become their own designated category speaks volumes.

DH: A common saying is ‘video is king’, and that’s especially true with social media marketing. We want to give our viewers an inside look at our listings, and an inside look into our world of real estate, on TikTok. This has produced the most engagement out of any social platform we utilize.

What are the advantages of reaching younger demographics, like Generation Z, with luxury real estate content?

TTR Sotheby’s International Realty


Daniel Heider

BT: Today, younger generations are making tons of money. Real estate has always been one of the top forms of long-term wealth investing, and that’s resonating with young minds more and more. Being able to relate to all generations gives you an advantage.

DH: The more eyes on our listings, the better. Success in real estate is about who’s winning the popularity contest. Exposure is everything. Even if you’re a buyer’s agent right now, giving viewers a look at the listings you tour and your day-to-day can only help broaden your brand. TikTok and Instagram Reels give today’s creative agents a big leg up.

What advice would you share with other agents looking to make the most of TikTok and Reels on social media?

BT: I was surprised at how quickly platforms like Instagram change algorithms and add new technology. It can be tricky to keep up with your page relevance, views, and engagement. This is where traction in lead generation and scaling comes from, but if you don’t have someone in your corner who’s up on the latest information and tactics, you can easily spin your tires.


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DH: Less is more. You might assume that highly produced content will perform best. However, in this space of video sharing, simpler, shorter, and less-produced content always performs better. It offers a feeling of authenticity and a behind-the-scenes look, rather than commercial advertising. We’ve had to keep this in mind when strategizing because of how perfectionist we are with our content in general.

Do you have any tangible examples to share of how embracing TikTok and Reels has benefited your business?

BT: I have actually closed four deals this year [2021] from social media. People watch and check in until they’re ready to convert, so I can tell when someone is actively engaging with my page and stepping into the sales funnel. Also, I have made a ton of referral relationships and contractor connections. Having a wide network in all aspects is key to a powerful real estate business.

You might assume that highly produced content will perform best. However, in this space of video sharing, simpler, shorter, and less-produced content always performs better.

DH: We’ve attracted numerous clients through social media. Most recently, we double-sided a $5M listing where the seller found us on TikTok and the buyer clicked the ad we produced on Facebook. Also, never underestimate the power of the global teenage salesforce. Oftentimes, the children are the ones who connect us directly with their parents. We have a $12M listing that was secured from the seller’s son seeking us out on TikTok and calling us. Our posts get shared frequently by other influential accounts all over the world which helps broaden our exposure, literally all day every day.

Any final words of wisdom for luxury agents looking to make a start with short-form video on social media?

BT: First, get in front of that camera. Second, if you aren’t creative, find someone who is and invest in them. Third, have a mixture of relatable and informative content. Last but not least, if you aren’t obtaining social media leads, then someone else is.

DH: Stay committed, post consistently, and when you do it, make it fun and go big! The whole point is to grab attention. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get thousands of views when you’re first starting out. It takes time to build an audience. Eventually, you’ll tap into your flow and see what works.

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