WATCH: Examining luxury real estate in 2022

Welcome to another episode of Keepin’ It Real with Nick Bailey, a live, interactive show that tackles the hottest topics affecting the real estate industry and those who work in it.

This week’s topic: Examining Luxury Real Estate in 2022. Have the events of the past few years changed the course of luxury real estate? What do current luxury agents need to know? For luxury real estate professionals, or those aspiring to enter into luxury, this episode will explore the current trends in the luxury housing market and suggestions from experts on how real estate professionals can navigate luxury market fluctuations.

Joining Nick will be Josh Altman, successful luxury real estate agent, author, and star of Bravo’s hit show Million Dollar Listing LA, and Amber Bonasoro, Executive Director of Luxury, RE/MAX.

Keepin’ It Real with Nick Bailey aired LIVE on Wednesday, February 2 @ 11am ET on the RE/MAX  YouTube,  Facebook  and  LinkedIn pages.

Due to technical difficulties, the live show was interrupted.

Here, Nick Bailey shares his take on the final question for panelists, “Will the luxury housing market crash in 2022?”

Nick’s final take: “The luxury housing market isn’t going anywhere. As wealth continues to build in America and home prices continue to appreciate, luxury will play a major role in the real estate industry. Regardless of what happens, though, great agents who know their markets have a good network and can operate their businesses in any price range they want.”

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