WATCH: Understanding the real estate consumer

Welcome to another episode of Keepin’ It Real with Nick Bailey, a live, interactive show that tackles the hottest topics affecting the real estate industry and those who work in it.

This week’s topic: Understanding the Real Estate Consumer. What do they want? What do they need? Are we serving them on their terms, or are we demanding they meet us – the agents – on ours? In this episode, we will take a deeper dive into where the consumer’s hearts and minds are living so that we as an industry may not only attract them but keep them as clients through all their housing needs.

Joining Nick will be Jamie King, co-founder of Camp + King, an awarding winning advertising agency, and Michael DiSalvo, a consumer who recently went through the home buying process.

Keepin’ It Real with Nick Bailey aired LIVE on Wednesday, January 5 @ 11am ET on the RE/RE/MAX YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

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