Wednesday Is When Photographers Snap The Most Real Estate Listings. Here’s Why

A four-year study by on-demand real estate photography company HomeJab found that 20 percent of all listing photo shoots are taken on one particular day of the week.

On-demand real estate photography company HomeJab released a study this week revealing that Wednesday is the most popular day for photographers to capture new listings.

The report stemmed from an extensive overview of its vendors’ activity across all major U.S. markets in the last four years, totaling nearly 60,000 home photography assignments. HomeJab offers its photo and video booking and 3D tour marketing services in every state.

Twenty percent of all listing photos are taken on Wednesday, the research showed, and only four percent on Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday are the second most popular days to photograph a home, HomeJab found.

Reached by phone, HomeJab founder and CEO Joe Jesuele couldn’t pinpoint why Wednesday is the most popular day, but he has a good idea.

“I think it’s because most agents are pitching listings on the weekends, getting them signed, then ordering photography on Mondays and Tuesdays for Wednesday shoots,” Jesuele told Inman.

HomeJab’s study also provides additional evidence for the quick rise in video marketing and digital home tours as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s limitation on in-person home showings. Orders for rich media content jumped from 37 to 53 percent in 2020. It decreased slightly in 2021 to 48 percent as a result of regulations partially relaxing.


The pandemic had a negative impact on aerial marketing content, HomeJab’s study revealed.

“A little more than 15 percent of real estate listing photo shoots included aerial photography in 2018 and 2019,” the release states. “That number dropped in 2020 to 12 percent.” It rebounded somewhat in 2021 to 14 percent.

As Jesuele noted, while it’s more likely for sellers to be at home during weekends, and thus potentially better able to work around photographers and content creators, the study found that approximately only one out of 10 shoots happen on the weekends.

“We expect real estate agents using HomeJab to continue to build-in video and 3D tours as part of their ‘go-to’ photo package for all listings, and that aerial photography will continue to rebound,” Jesuele said in the press release. “Increasing visual content satisfies sellers and helps potential buyers, especially those who still don’t want to tour physically as many houses as they once did.”

Virtual tour content and high-end, easily-accessible photography satisfied pandemic-demand to see homes from afar, as well as helped drive the jump in buying houses sight-unseen, an ongoing byproduct of the virus’s impact on changing lifestyle preferences.

HomeJab offers a marketplace for agents to order an array of visual marketing services for their sellers’ properties, including floorplan creation and virtual staging. In addition to the continental US, HomeJab can book listing services in Toronto, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

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