Why a global brand means connections — and referrals — can come from anywhere

Does your brand affiliation defy language barriers?

RE/MAX, with a presence in more than 110 countries and territories, for example, operates a business on every inhabitable continent. Most recently, RE/MAX announced the sales of master franchise rights to Pakistan, Guyana, and Uzbekistan.

Real estate agents align with brands for any number of reasons, but being able to leverage their personal marketing should be a top one. That’s why it could be beneficial to build your business alongside a brand that has a long-standing and respected reputation not just in your own community, but all around the world. After all, you never know where your next referral may come from.

“RE/MAX provides entrepreneurs around the world the opportunity to grow their businesses, exceed goals and serve their local communities,” says Shawna Gilbert, RE/MAX Vice President of Global Development. “Consumers trust a brand they recognize, and RE/MAX agents know that when they refer their clients to a RE/MAX agent in another country, they can expect them to receive the same high level of service and attention.”

The power of networking

For Matilde Aguirre, broker/owner of RE/MAX United Realty in Miami, Florida — a location with a large international presence — connecting with agents and brokers from other countries fuels her business and leads to unique partnerships.

“I truly believe one of the most valuable aspects of being affiliated with RE/MAX is the international connections, and the way that RE/MAX facilitates those connections by having such a strong global department at their headquarters,” says Aguirre, who has been with the brand for 16 years. “Attending the RE/MAX convention (R4) and participating in the Global Referral Exchange is one of the best benefits to any agent.”

The Global Referral Exchange — just one of the many networking opportunities at the annual convention — celebrates the multitude of cultures that align with the brand and helps facilitate business relationships among affiliates who live seas apart.

“Because of these connections, I’ve had [affiliates] from more than 30 countries visit my office over the years – and I keep in touch with them all,” Aguirre says.

Originally from Cuba, Aguirre’s first language is Spanish, and it comes in handy when helping referral clients from Spanish-speaking countries find homes and get acquainted with South Florida. She has developed partnerships with RE/MAX offices throughout Latin America that often send referrals her way.

The longevity of connection

But, over the years, the power of the brand’s global footprint presented other unique opportunities Aguirre hadn’t anticipated.

In 2014, the first RE/MAX franchise in China was opened. Having connected with the new owners at that year’s R4 convention, Aguirre was invited to be a featured speaker at a kick-off event in Shanghai. While at the event, she met RE/MAX brokers visiting from Greece and was later invited to host an online training session for their agents from over 5,000 miles away in Florida. She stays in touch with these connections to this day.

It’s not just the in-person connections that build a business beyond borders. Agents looking for new outlets of growth should consider aligning with a brand that holds international credibility and supports a global real estate community virtually, too.

Ten years ago, RE/MAX launched its global search website to increase exposure for agent listings outside their own countries. The website global.remax.com is now one of the largest proprietary global listing inventories of any real estate brand and accommodates translation to more than 50 languages and 65 currencies.

“Being part of a brand that encourages global connections can lead to amazing new business opportunities and lasting friendships,” Aguirre says.

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