Zavvie To Offer Concierge Pre-Sale Services Through Revive

Revive, a company that helps homeowners determine and oversee pre-sale improvements and renovations, has partnered with Zavvie to encourage agents to promote how physical upgrades can better position a home for the open market.

Zavvie helps real estate brokerages and agents access an array of alternative offer solutions and technologies through its Offer Optimizer. Agents can collect iBuyer solutions alongside traditional open market offers, as well as provide homeowners with new ways to sell their home, commonly referred to as “buy before you sell” models. Knock is perhaps the most popular company in that space.

Agents can use zavvie tools as part of the Pro platform to present alternative options directly to sellers, as they would a CMA or listing presentation.

“The agents that know how to bring all these options to the table are just going to take market share,” zavvie CEO Lane Hornung told Inman in 2020.

In late 2021, zavvie added “power buyer” options to its system. These companies provide cash-backed, no-contingency offers for consumers trying to compete in today’s fast-moving multioffer market. Knock provides such a solution, as does Divvy Homes, Feeasy, Flyhomes for Agents, Halo, Homeward, Landis, Ribbon and Super.

“Revive offers a turnkey home concierge service that identifies the most effective pre-sale home improvements, provides renovation estimates, secures and manages contractors to complete the work, and fronts the cost of the renovations,” the press release stated.

Sellers repay Revive after closing.

Through the integration, agents using zavvie Pro can present Revive’s services in their initial presentation to demonstrate how specific renovations could invigorate the sale.

“Buyers are willing to pay more for a ready-to-live-in home,” said Michael Alladawi, co-founder of Revive, in the press release. “Agents have shown that using Revive to accomplish a pre-sale renovation can mean as much as $50,000 to $100,000 more for sellers. For homeowners, getting that much more from their home sale can be life-changing.”

Concierge services, such as staging, minor upgrades and pre-marketing are growing in popularity among a number of big real estate brands, including, Compass, Keller Williams and Redfin. Revive’s services can help independent agents and teams compete against the marketing budgets of dominant brands.

Lane Hornung, co-founder and CEO of zavvie, said in the press release that Revive for brokerages is another tool agents must have in their box of solutions.

“For brokerages, if they enable their agents to offer buyers and sellers every option — iBuyer, cash offers, power buyer, homeownership accelerator and concierge — they also will develop a new source of ancillary income — recurring revenue — that will come from these new solutions.”

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