For 2022 Agent of the Year Winners, it’s all about deeper connections

While attending EPMX Conference in Atlanta, I noticed that the biggest speakers on the stage — including Egypt Sherrod and Gary Vaynerchuk — weren’t focused on typical topics, like technology or “hustle culture.” Instead, they were speaking on connection, emotional intelligence (EQ), and creating a customer experience rooted in our shared humanity.

It was also rewarding to hear these ideas shared onstage just days before RateMyAgent announced the 2022 Agent of the Year Award Winners. Rather than focusing on sheer transaction volume, our awards highlight agents who are focused on providing top-notch service to their clients, one at a time.

We know that each review an agent receives is the result of weeks, if not months, of hard work, tough conversations, nail-biting negotiations, and hand-holding.

Recognizing the 2022 RateMyAgent Agent of the Year, LuAnn Shikasho

On January 31, RateMyAgent announced eXp Realty’s LuAnn Shikasho as the 2022 Agent of the Year. A “teacher at heart,” LuAnn has been counseling buyers and sellers across the Sacramento region for more than 14 years. It’s a job she takes seriously, and to heart.

LuAnn has more than 150 reviews, but each one tells a singular story, including this one from a grieving family:

“LuAnn was wonderful from the start of our exploration process of selling my parents’ home after my dad passed away, all the way to the end when we closed escrow [via a cash sale through OpenDoor]. I was always able to turn to LuAnn for help without any hesitation.”

These single stories are, to me, the story of our industry. They aren’t always glamorous, but together, they represent the deep and meaningful work agents are doing, each and every day.

Meet our Regional Award Winners

Southwest winner Brian Hall is dedicated to helping military families, whose transactions can be complicated by unknown schedules and moves across long distances. One veteran said, “I’ve never had the courtesy of communication like we did with Brian. He definitely knows and cares about the needs of military [members].”

Our Southeast region winner, Tammy O Lyne of KW Pinehurst, helped a seller who was beginning to feel desperate: “We started with a big company and after two weeks had nothing but a couple of showings. We switched to Tammy and… our home was sold within days.”

One seller client of Mountain region winner Brie Fowler felt intimidated by a buyer’s offer and unpleasant demeanor. “Brie assured me she would deal with them, and [she sold my condo] at my desired price and without meeting unreasonable demands.”

Meanwhile, a client of our New England winner Gregory Hanner said that of all the agents working in his area, “there is no one I would have felt more comfortable with.”

The clients of Ellen Gonik, two times Mid-Atlantic regional winner, all seem to say the same thing: “Ellen [is] fantastically gifted at what she does, she’s also a really good person. Our family got our dream home and gained a new friend by working with Ellen.”

And last, we have our Midwest winner for the second year in a row, John Scaglione, who seems to amaze every client he works with. This simple testimonial stood out to me: “John is so dedicated. Whatever we needed to make the sale, John always comes through. He always makes it happen.”

Build and show your client connections

These reviews represent a tiny sliver of today’s buyers and sellers, and the care their agents showed them. As you can see, the deeper connection that Gary Vee and others are championing can’t be hastened or falsified. It requires time, attention, patience, and real service.

But once it’s there — it runs deep, it lasts longer and it means something. By truly connecting with your clients and sharing those connections, you can feel more intentional about your business, and grow it in a meaningful way.

View this year’s Award Winners here. We are so proud to be honoring this amazing group!

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