Star Island

Star Island is a private waterfront neighborhood situated in a man-made island in Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, Florida. The island is south of the Venetian Islands and just east of Palm and Hibiscus islands.

The Army Corps of Engineers’ sand dredging formed Star Island in 1922, and was originally owned by Carl Fisher, an American entrepreneur and developer, who purchased it, along with what would become the city of Miami Beach.

It is perhaps one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in all of Miami-Dade County because the island has only 33 home lots, with the majority of the land already purchased and occupied by luxurious estates and gated mansions.

Star Island’s mansions are recognized for their luxury and magnificence. They frequently have magnificent waterfront vistas, opulent amenities, and lushly landscaped grounds. Aside from the beautiful mansions, Star Island has a variety of facilities, such as access to Biscayne Bay for boating and water sports, proximity to Miami Beach’s busy nightlife, and easy access to cultural sites.

Star Island is a gated community, and can only be accessed two ways, by a boat or a single bridge that connects the island to MacArthur Causeway, the Bridge Road. Because of this, it provides privacy and security, making it a very popular choice for opulent residences and celebrity residents.

If you want to learn more about Star Island homes, it is recommended to contact a Miami Beach real estate agent who specializes in luxury properties.