Mykonos Vacation Rentals, Luxury Mykonos Villas Greece

Mykonos vacation rentals, Mykonos villas – Known for both its architectural and natural beauty, Mykonos is one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan islands. It is an island at the heart of the Cyclades. Tourists flock to Mykonos not only to enjoy clear waters and the whitewashed walls, but also to experience its dynamic nightlife. Mykonos is the island which has what people refer to as the “sugar cube” houses. Houses in Mykonos are known for balconies and wide windows. These are what brought tourists to the island. Aside from the beaches, Mykonos boasts various historical and architectural sights. Unlike other towns in the Cyclades, Mykonos’s capital Chora spreads out over a large area, rather than in the shape of an amphitheater. One of the most distinguishable sights of Mykonos in the island’s 16th-century windmills. Visit the Parapotiani church, and the five museums: archaeological, folk, maritime, cultural, and private. Described as the Ibiza of Greece, Mykonos is famous for picturesque beaches, the iconic houses, and a vibrant nightlife.

Most of villa rentals in Mykonos come with staff services and pools overlooking the Mediterranean. Excellent sea views are aplenty in Greece, and they are not going to be blocked out by high-rise buildings since over-development laws become stricter each year. Property in Greece integrates with the charm of traditional villages. Greece also has a low cost of living. Moreover, home taxes are very little, usually around just 4 Euros per square meter of building per year. A monthly cost of a villa is only 30 Euros, plus water and electricity.